As we move into the last 24hrs of the current transfer window, the speculation just continues to keep on coming, especially if you are a Liverpool fan. For every suggestive comment on a player, there follows one to disprove it, or vice versa. Even Wikipedia is a little unsure at the moment who a few players are signed to, such is the hysteria that this time of year presents.

From the likes of the apparently close to conclusion deal involving Paul Konchesky, who was in the crowd at Anfield to see them beat West Brom, through to the seemingly very remote chances of the brilliance of Arda Turan, the names continue to hit the headlines. Many rumours are met with hope and excitement in the Liverpool fan base at the possibility of a Red shirt upon their back but of course there are others such as Carlton Cole that seem to continue to grow with a little substance in various quarters but are met with an overwhelming air of disappointment. A signing that would perhaps of suited Hodgson’s former strategy at Fulham more than it would his charge at Liverpool.

Liverpool’s financial position is well known, as is the matter that Roy Hodgson should perhaps have more in his back pocket than he seems to have, to entice clubs to part with their players in these remaining hours. Fans constantly check in to news feeds and try to communicate with the media and those “in the know” via the likes of Twitter, to see if the slightest of developments have been made. Everyone hoping that someone, somewhere, knows something new and Roy Hodgson’s comments post West Brom on his search for a striker, are about to fruition and at one of the required level that Liverpool fans expect.

The name of Ola Toivonen continues to raise a few questions in some areas. Liverpool have been long credited with an interest in the Swedish PSV striker, to the point where a recommendation from Kenny Dalglish is believed to have led to a £9m rejected bid for Roy Hodgson. However Hodgson commented yesterday post West Brom on the likelihood of the players arrival at Anfield with a “no, unlikely” and went on to say that although he recognised Toivonen as a good player he didn’t fit the profile that the club was looking for. Whether PSV are asking too much? the striker has another preferred destination? or Liverpool now have a better option elsewhere remains to be seen. That a £9m bid has already been tabled for the player, does provide a little suggestion that an element of interest may remain as much as it provides enough room for the media to continue to present speculation that the door isn’t in fact completely closed.

The future of many players hangs in the balance across Europe this evening, including that of Liverpool’s own Daniel Ayala and Emiliano Insua but whether it is none, one, two or more that are fortunate enough to find themselves with a Liverpool contract is a story yet to be finished. As Paul Dalglish recently commented in interview with Empire of the Kop, many fans retain the belief such as he does, that even despite troublesome times under the ownership of Hicks & Gillett, it should still very much be a privelege to play for the club, not a task that any player can fulfil, that privelege is in turn wanted to be felt back by their performance.

Should the next chapter in the career of Bayern Munich’s Mario Gomez see’s him alongside Fernando Torres this season is but one of the matters up for debate, whether you view it as nothing more than blind optimism or something more than a possibility, the remaining hours will no doubt keep you checking in regardless.

You can use our transfer window poll to vote on those you think will arrive at LFC, compared to those you would prefer to arrive from recent media speculation.

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  1. I want Mario Gomez or Huntelar not Carlton Cole.

  2. daboy

    There are plenty of strikers out there who could be lured to Liverpool, and Roy would have known that was one of their downfalls last season.
    For the life of me i do not understand why it has taken so long to get a striker? Roy is starting to make excuses and i dont think they are going to get anybody.

  3. justin

    Believe that Arda is with the national team at the moment :)

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