Why Bryan Robson deserves his financial reward – unlike mercenaries Modric, Cesc and Tevez

I stumbled across an interview the other day which had me beating the table as wildly as Rupert Murdoch in denial. It was given last summer by Luka Modric, after he’d signed a new deal at Spurs. In it, he voiced his anger and embarrassment that details of his £70,000-a-week salary had been leaked. “I am quite annoyed with all the headlines about my wages,” he said. “Croatia is in recession and I don’t like it when numbers are being thrown around.” Presumably Luka, unless those numbers are be…

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  1. peter paxton

    did anyone see the prg last nite, how to buy a foootball club, manure and conections to asia, i am sure the shit will hit the fan.

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