Since the announcement that Liverpool would be moving away from Adidas and heading Stateside to Warrior Sports for their new kit, numerous kit designs have flooded the Internet.

Some are that purely of creative fans putting some of their own ideas forward for comment, others are that of the so called “in the know” sector of fans claiming factual design.

The above is one of the current more pushed around designs, so cast your vote!

Thumbs up or thumbs down to this Warrior Kit mock up?

  • Thumbs Up (84%, 1,560 Votes)
  • Thumbs Down (16%, 308 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,868

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  1. Turks

    Where’s the flames?? JFT96!!! Never see the light of day.

  2. mark

    i could never thumbs down any half decent kit with that badge on

  3. tom42

    better than everysingle adidas design. a very small ray of light on an otherwise rubbish evening

  4. roger

    I think the badge is the giveaway. can’t see any kit design being approved that doesn’t include the eternal flame on the club crest.
    this one is a nice shirt but no flame so almost certainly a fake.

  5. Eddie

    Benching handerson,adam will help de team very much b’cos i dont see de reason why maxi, kuyt n jay will be on bench whiles these players be on de field including carroll he cant improved.

  6. Michael

    The crest is way out anyway. it will never be produced without the eternal flame.

  7. Felderkirk

    I would give my right bollock for that design to be used but we’ll surely mess it up by adding green somewhere in the design – the eternal flame (although an understandable inclusion to commemorate the Hillsbrough victims) is, in my opinion, not as nice as the liverbird on its own. that emblem by itself is really nice and retro but I think Liverpool city council have the rights for that now?
    All-in-all, I like this design a lot but we’re 100% definitely NOT going to run with it sadly.

  8. Zahid

    only thing i dont like is the stiching being shown which looks tacky, but apart from that its a nice kit if it is the final design

  9. Looks great. But as said above, I can’t see the flames being dropped. JFT96

  10. Da!

    By far the best of the lot floating around, the Hillsborough flame will be on the rear of the collar. We have a winner.

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