Kop That is dedicated to bringing the latest news, rumours, views and opinions on Liverpool Football Club (LFC) through a variety of different media and also guest articles. All of the content published on Kop That is of its own opinion and not that of Liverpool Football club or any other information source unless marked accordingly in the article or on the page. Kop That is in now way associated with Liverpool Football Club.

Interaction with Kop That can be reached by a number of different methods, which are detailed below.

Main Site
The central point for Kop That and the hub of all related Kop That provided media.

The original site of Kop That on it’s Tumblr blog. The site now provides quick links to Liverpool FC related news article circulating in the press, quotations from players and connected personnel as well as video and photo links to LFC content.

The Kop That feed on the Twitter Network – @kop_that

A Facebook page converging content from different media sources of Kop That

Follow us on Google’s latest offering to the social media world.

The Site & Kop That Media
All feedback is welcome, concerning our site or any information that Kop That publishes in to the public realm via a number of different networks . If you become aware of any errors, or have any issues concerning Kop That content then you can reach us via email at or via our Twitter feed. We will always try to mention any credits that are due alongside our information where applicable.

Articles from Kop That are also published via News Now.

The images used on the site are from a variety of football and photography related sources as well as our own taken images. Images are always marked as to their source well possible and we will be happy to remove any that cause offence or infringement.

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