TAO – A good point, or a pointless point?

After the Lord mayors show. That’s one of many negative ways to describe the 1-1 draw away at West Brom yesterday, but the debate across various social media has been whether it’s a good point or not.Granted West Brom are struggling, but this is the Premier League where anyone can beat anyone. Add to that the new(ish) manager effect and a (sometimes) vociferous home support and you have a tricky away fixture, just as Liverpool found out yesterday.Before the game, a draw wasn’t exactly an ideal result but it’s one that would’ve been satisfactory. After the game however, some fans for some reason were left inconsolable.After taking the lead through Daniel Sturridge, Liverpool never really capitalised on their position and surrendered the lead through a mistake from cult hero Kolo Toure. It’s one of those games where a point before is worse than a point afterwards given the in game situation.There are a few ways you can analyse the importance (or lack of) of the point yesterday. You could see it as getting a point when playing poorly, after all 1 is better than none. It could be you point to a solitary defensive mistake(again) being the difference to an excellent if undeserved away victory. You could obviously be a pessimist and suggest that’s it for Liverpool’s Champions League hopes despite sitting in 4th position, yes some people have actually said such things.Most agree it’s 2 points dropped given Liverpool took the lead and even more so with Everton clambering points back after the Demolition Derby.One thing is for sure, if Liverpool finish the season 4th either by a point or goal difference, it will be seen as a vital point, but with some massive games on the horizon, 3 points certainly would’ve been appreciated, to help welcome the golden sky at the end of a long, turbulent storm.