GUARDIAN – A 30 penalty shootout is maybe more likely than you would think

Liverpool beat Middlesbrough 14-13 after a 30-penalty thriller but once a game gets to sudden death then the likelihood of it getting to that stage is actually about one in 60On the face of it Middlesbrough versus Liverpool was an astonishing game. Not only did the Championship team take the Champions League team to a penalty shootout but it took 30 kicks to decide it. However, it might not be quite as astonishing as you think.For those not familiar with how penalties work – each team gets five shots at goal and at the end of those whoever has scored the most wins. If it is a draw at the end of that then the shootout goes to sudden death, which is when if one team scores and then the other does not then the latter side is eliminated. Liverpool taking theirs to 14-13 over Middlesbrough was a new Capital One Cup record. Continue reading…