GUARDIAN – So what if Raheem Sterling took laughing gas? Many footballers have done worse | Paul Wilson

Sterling is possibly more in need of role models himself than anyone foolish enough to see him as some kind of moral exampleA couple of weeks ago Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling was getting it in the neck for being greedy – although the fact of the matter remains that he is still on his original contract of £35,000 a week when he could have tripled his money some time ago. Now he is being criticised for the way he spends his downtime after being pictured apparently experimenting with shisha pipes and nitrous oxide balloons.Yes, the footballer-as-role-model debate is back on the agenda. According to the Daily Mail – who else? – Sterling’s alleged dabblings with “hippy crack” sum up all that’s wrong with football. Really? Leaving aside the severity or otherwise of Sterling’s alleged transgressions in search of a legal high for a moment, or that fact that hippy crack appears to be a complete misnomer, has anyone any right to expect sensible behaviour from a 20-year-old from a fractured family background attempting to enjoy himself at a party without the aid of alcohol or stronger stimulants? Continue reading…