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GUARDIAN – Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling can be one of a rare breed of England No10s | Barney Ronay

English football does not often produce this kind of player but Brendan Rodgers’ managerial tinkering has uncovered a raw talent which is good news for both club and countryBrendan Rodgers has had a knack of making good decisions this season, often by stealth. One of his more recent, light-touch tactical manoeuvres was spotlit six minutes into the defeat of Manchester City.Liverpool’s opening goal at Anfield was a fine piece of execution and interplay all round, from the wiggle of Luis Surez’s hips that left Gal Clichy in a heap, to the turn and timing of Surez’s pass to put Raheem Sterling in on goal. After which: the outstanding single moment of Sunday’s game. Continue reading…