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GUARDIAN – Players get it right by having Luis Suárez on the PFA award shortlist | Paul Doyle

His diving and ill-judged outbursts grate but for football reasons Suárez deserves a nomination alongside Eden Hazard, Steven Gerrard, Adam Lallana, Daniel Sturridge and Yaya TouréPresenting player of the year awards before the season has reached its most important stage is a lot like tipping a taxi driver before he has finished explaining how to right society’s wrongs, but that’s how it is and there’s nothing we can do about it here. All we can do now is discuss whether the players have picked the right people on the shortlist for the Professional Footballers’ Association’s award. The answer is yes. Well, Luis Surez is on the list and that’s the main thing.There was a fear that Surez would be shunned by his peers on the grounds that he can be a frightful coot. His diving and ill-judged outbursts certainly grate. But judge him solely on his footballing performances and the Uruguayan is a natural wonder on a par with a clicking porpoises and gnashing tigers. Surez can take your breath away. Continue reading…