GUARDIAN – Tottenham v Liverpool: Premier League live!

Updates from the early Premier League kick-offEmail jacob.steinberg@theguardian.com with any thoughtsOr you can tweet him @jacobsteinbergRodgers relishes Balotelli challengeAgger agrees to leave Liverpool for BrondbyPaul Wilson: fast-starting Spurs face test 12.30pm BST Right, where to begin? With thoughts on Daniel Aggers move to Brondby? The resurgence of Erik Lamela? The fact that Harry Kane may well be the new Eusebio and Diego Maradona rolled into one? Whether Mauricio Pochettino can introduce his famed pressing style at Tottenham? The weather? The realisation that summer is coming to an end? How your weekend is going? What youre having for lunch – roast chicken or roast beef? Scottish independence? What it would be like to be Douglas Carswells best friend? Your favourite season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Your favourite emoji? Well, that would all be fascinating, but theres only one place to start. Mario Balotelli. We might as well get him out of the way. Hes here. Hes back. Hes a Liverpool player. He is their new Luis Suarez. Hes come armed with fireworks, trampolines, cash to hand to tramps, two vespas and plenty of baggage. Continue reading…