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GUARDIAN – Football power shift tilts the balance in the age old Manchester-Liverpool rivalry

Fans mourn the end of the glory years, and the cash United’s success generated for the city. But 30 miles away, it’s a new dawn in Liverpool”What about Moyes, then?” asks Calum Best, the lothario son of Manchester United legend George. He has a shaven head, a luxuriant beard and an accent adrift somewhere west of the Azores. Terry Christian the one from Channel 4’s The Word, born and raised in Old Trafford drains his glass of champagne. “I don’t like what United have done,” he replies. “We were the last club to get rid of our manager like that. Now we’re just like everyone else.”This slightly surreal exchange takes place during the preamble to the 2014 Miss Manchester beauty pageant at the Palace Hotel, a repurposed building in the city centre where Morrissey once worked for the Inland Revenue. Best along with actresses Kym Marsh and Chelsee Healey, both in risqu jumpsuits is judging the contest, while Christian contributes a playfully snarky punditry to Thursday’s proceedings. Continue reading…

Liver Bird: Football Blogging Awards – Short List Announced

The Liver Bird is in the running for best female football blog and it’s all thanks to you lot! Image: The Football Blogging Awards released the list of nominees in each category last night and The Liver Bird is in the female short list along with some other great blogs! You can see the list of nominees here. I can’t thank you enough for voting for the blog and your support means the world. It would be lovely to be rewarded for doing something I love and being on the short list is just fantastic! The awards will be held in Greater Manchester on July 14th and that is when all of the winners will be announced. It looks like a brilliant event and I think they are planning on streaming it live so I will be sure to keep you posted on how you can follow it via Twitter updates. Thank you once again! #YNWA Kirsty