TTT: ‘Ask Not What Your Club Can Do For You …’

By Ben Feltham. I’m writing for only one thing these days; the league title. Frankly anything else seems too prosaic. So this is an exercise to explore at once a whimsical and profound question – can I help? And you, dear reader, can you? Can I, can we, with words and deeds, affect the destiny of Liverpool Football Club? Maybe it’s misplaced ego, or the lament of a frustrated footballer, but I want to be more than a consumer of this title push. I want to help, but can I, can we? Let me point to a watershed game where we indisputably affected the outcome. Tuesday 3rd May 2005, Liverpool vs Chelsea, Champions League semi-final second leg. It was the third minute when Garcia broke the net , the other 90- odd was largely on us – more on that later. What price for the repeating of history a week short of nine years on, and the chance of another watershed game? I’m calling this now. This season, this period maybe, is going to be about Liverpool and Chelsea – for a myriad of reasons, some of which I’ll try and illuminate here. And there is extra satisfaction in that surely; yes our hatred for United will always be as deep as an ocean, but it’s the hatred of cousins, swimming in a bitterness than only comes from an amputated family. This thing with Chelsea, it’s the hatred of the Other, and even sweeter for the making of your spurned sibling jealous for not even being in the conversation. Worry not United, we’ve been there, been there for most of the last quarter century in fact. You sit in now, enjoy it. City? Forget it, we can’t find it in ourselves to hate them, despite everything, and there is more empathy than enmity with Everton these days for a titanic rival. No, it’s a big call but I think it’s going to be the rivalry with Chelsea that will come to define this next period for us, and maybe, if we’re lucky, the Premier League. The rest of this article is for Subscribers only. Member-only content – you need to subscribe to read it ! A subscription costs only £3.50 per month. Find out what you get with your subscription, or Subscribe now.