GUARDIAN – Liverpool v Manchester United: Premier League – live! | Jacob Steinberg

Latest updates as Man Utd face Liverpool at AnfieldEmail jacob.steinberg@theguardian.com | Tweet @JacobSteinbergKeep up with all today’s matches with our live scores serviceLiverpool-Manchester United clash given edge by top-four tussle 12.00pm GMT Hello. Some people can read numbers and congratulations to them for that. They can, for instance, look at Manchester United’s recent results and tell you that have been on a great run of form, that everything is fine and dandy and that Louis van Gaal is doing an excellent job. That’s what the numbers say. United have lost only twice in the league since 2 November and they are fourth in the league, so what’s there to complain about? It depends how you define form. On the one hand, you can argue that the result is all that matters; fair enough. Equally, though, you can go deeper and question whether the final score was a fair reflection of what actually occurred during the match, whether it indicates that a defeat may be waiting just around the corner. Flaws were evident while United were grinding out results and they were exposed against Arsenal, Southampton and Swansea. Continue reading…