GUARDIAN – Money will write Luis Suárezs future as Barcelona prepare to bare their teeth | Andy Hunter

The Liverpool strikers mooted move to Barcelona would not be a consequence of his most recent biting shameIt is tempting, and a much better tale, to suspect Liverpool are falling foul of an elaborate plot designed to prise Luis Surez from their grasp and into the forgiving embrace of Barcelona. The fiendish plan is enacted with the bite mark on Giorgio Chiellinis left shoulder in the conspiracy world when, in reality, Surezs latest shameful act has little influence on where he performs next season. Cash, not canines, will determine that.The process that has brought Liverpool and Barcelona to a meeting table in London today commenced not with Bite 3 it will never happen again in Natal last Tuesday but Surezs thwarted attempt to leave Anfield 12 months ago. Surez was serving a ban at the time, for biting, but had to get out of England because of unfair vilification by the English media. All very familiar, although the argument was somewhat undermined by a public appeal to be allowed to join Arsenal. It was one example of Surez taking people for a ride. The World Cup, following a stunning season of redemption and apparent maturity for Liverpool, delivered another. Continue reading…