ESPN – Jose Mourinho showing strain in Chelsea’s pursuit of the title

The ESPN FC team respond to your questions regarding Edin Dzeko's future and whether Liverpool could be considered a sinking ship. Premier League Spotlight previews the weekend's top-flight fixtures, highlighting the key points to keep an eye on as the action unfolds. Festive fixtures Saturday Sunderland vs. Liverpool Burnley vs. QPR Chelsea vs. Newcastle Everton vs. Man City Leicester vs. Aston Villa Swansea vs. West Ham West Brom vs. Hull Crystal Palace vs. Tottenham Sunday Arsenal vs. Stoke Man Utd vs. Southampton Battle of the weekend: Chelsea vs. Newcastle Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been throwing his toys out of the pram, and we've been guilty of looking at these discarded objects rather than the 51-year-old man sitting in a device for transporting young children. We're giving him exactly what he wants. The transparency of Mourinho's diversionary tactics wore thin…