GUARDIAN – Diego Costa – the rascal’s rascal who is ideal for Chelsea v Liverpool games | Nick Miller

The striker is the sort of player you hate as an opponent but would still love to have in your team – full of needle with a nasty edge, but supremely talented and always a threatPerhaps the only surprising thing about the news that Diego Costa and Jordan Henderson were involved in a tunnel bust-up after the first leg of the Capital One Cup final was that it hadn’t happened sooner. The tension on the pitch had been stewing nicely, the pair going nose-to-nose at one point like a pair of posturing boxers at a weigh-in, all bravado and my-dad-could-beat-up-your-dad, but waiting until later to actually take swings at each other. While the details of the set-to didn’t exactly sound like the most heinously violent of all time, with some pushing and shoving but no punches thrown, that hardly seems to matter.The point is that the pair were continuing the fine tradition of the fixture, an uncommon rivalry full of needle that developed organically over those years when they seemed to play each other every second week, as two teams and sets of supporters first got to know then grew to genuinely despise each other. Related: Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson and Chelsea’s Diego Costa in tunnel bust-up Related: ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Costa’ keeps Atlético Madrid hot on Barcelona’s heels | Sid Lowe Continue reading…