GUARDIAN – The Joy of Six: blessings in disguise | Paul Doyle

From Fontaine’s goal glut to Balotelli’s birdbrained dismissal, half a dozen pieces of bad luck that were actually good luckKopparberg is a small Swedish town that has become famous for lucrative bungling. It was here that the Treskilling Yellow was minted in 1857. Enough said. What? Oh right. The Treskilling Yellow is a postage stamp and it was supposed to be like all the other three-skilling stamps that Sweden was producing back in the early days of mailing yonder – ie it was supposed to be painted blue and green – but one accidentally came out yellow. The horror! Happily, no one noticed at the time and the stamp was allowed to proceed with its normal stamp duties. Even more happily, years later its uniqueness led to it being coveted by collectors and it is now considered one of the most valuable stamps in the world, worth several million pounds, which, yes, makes it a more costly stamp than anything ever produced by Martin Skrtel or Diego Costa. Even now, every 13 July Kopparberg holds a little festival to commemorate the Treskilling Yellow. Continue reading…